Renovations at Tladi Lodge Hotel

Unveiling the new look

We just couldn't wait any longer, we simply had to reveal the latest secret at Tladi Lodge Hotel - renovated rooms to feast your eyes on. Over the next few weeks we will feature the latest at Tladi Lodge Hotel, one at a time - so watch this space.

Look at the lovely décor in this room and share your thoughts with us...

The headboard is really special....


The new cabinets will soon feature in other rooms as well.


The colours and detail in these curtains are trendy and vibrant - so beautiful

The bathroom was also renovated, featuring a new bath and a stunning new floor. The wooden floor simply warms up the bathroom and is so lovely.

Let us know if you would like to have a closer look.



Valentine's Day

Romance doesn't have to be expensive


There are so many stories around the origin of Valentine’s Day that one cannot be certain where it all began, but one thing is certain and that is that Valentine’s Day has become extremely commercialised. It seems that just about every shop sells merchandise specifically for Valentine’s Day, making couples feel guilty for not buying anything and causing single people to realise that they are alone in a traditionally romantic month.


 I am quite sure that Valentine’s Day isn’t suppose to make us feel guilty and then forcing us to shop when we didn’t intend to buy anything in the first place. I am pretty sure that the whole idea of Valentine’s Day is to spoil and treasure that special person in your life with something money can’t buy. Let’s face it, if you love someone, you should show it throughout the year with small gestures instead of materialistic gifts once a year.




Now, wouldn’t it be better to spoil your loved one with a memory, rather than a monetary gift? Be creative when you plan a memory for that special person. First of all, find out what he or she likes and then plan a day according to those preferences. For example, a picnic in the country side, followed by a romantic dinner at a very exclusive place, ending off with a night somewhere else than home – that is romantic. Instead of doing it only on Valentine’s Day, do it at other times of the year to let your loved one know how special he or she is.


Your hosts at Tladi Lodge Hotel will accommodate you in romantic settings, will book and organise a shuttle to an exclusive restaurant of your choice in the Sandton area. Your hosts will ensure that your experience will be magical, allowing you to focus all your love on your partner. Give us a call. Happy planning!


(Subject to availability. Terms and Conditions apply .)




Happy New Year

From all of us at Tladi Lodge Hotel

It is a brand new year and all of us at Tladi Lodge Hotel wish everybody a prosperous 2014. May all your wishes come true and may all your travels be plain sailing (excuse the pun).


A brand new year normally brings new challenges as well and we are not sure what to expect in the unforeseen future. For some people the new year is a bit daunting, while others cannot wait to see what challenges await us.


What we do know for sure, is that South Africa will once again see people rushing to the voting stations to vote for their favourite political party. Also happening in this year, is the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July. It feels so unreal to think that we, as a country, played host to the 2010 FIFA World Cup – that was almost four years ago! We were all so excited - then the event came and was done before we knew it. And now it feels like it was so long ago.



Of course there will be other big events this year as well, from sporting events to exhibitions, from big concerts to small theatre plays. The list of planned events is long and we can plan for those, but we cannot plan for the unforeseen.


Therefore, we hope that your year will be blessed with all the good things in life, with good health, happiness, love and dreams that will flourish in real life.


Happy New Year!


Counting our blessings at Tladi Lodge Hotel

A year filled with laughter and smiles


What a busy year 2013 was and how quickly it passed by. It is unbelievable that we, as Tladi Lodge Hotel, are standing at the end of another year to reflect on all the good and the bad of the past year. We can look back at the New Year’s resolutions we had at the beginning of the year and wonder what happened to all the dreams that didn’t have time to materialise.


At the same time, we also recognise all the accomplishments and the blessings bestowed upon us in the accommodation environment and we thank all our guests for the wonderful support we had in 2013. Although there have been challenges, there was also laughter and some lovely smiles.


We will let you know that we had our fair share of running around for some conferences too, to ensure only the best service possible. And at the end of the day, or shall we say, at the end of the year, we can look back and smile, because it was worth it all the way. Therefore we thank all our Guests, the delegates and our wonderful staff as well.


Now we wish everyone a very special Festive Season and a prosperous New Year. May 2014 be a wonderful year filled with many blessings.



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,


From all of us at Tladi Lodge Hotel





Changing Times

From booking accommodation at Tladi Lodge Hotel to recording our memories

We all know the cliché "the only constant is change" and we see it in our daily lives. Just as we get used to something, it changes, and it seems that the changes keep on happening faster and faster. When we look back at when cellular telephones were launched and how it evolved to the current mobile phones, the changes over the time seem to happen at a continuously faster pace.


(I’m pretty sure that the cellphone companies struggle to keep up with their own technological advances.) We can’t call it phones anymore – it is now a mobile device. And just as we think we have the hang of these devices with all their modern applications and widgets, it improves so much in the next upgrade that we need more time to figure it all out again.

The benefits of the digital age is that one can almost book an entire journey on one’s device, all simplified with applications. For instance, one can book accommodation through the application, book a flight on the Mango application and then search a few restaurants in the vicinity – all on one mobile device.


The same mobile device features the TripAdvisor application where one can review the destination of choice, restaurants and other travel services. The beauty of all of this is that it can be done while everybody around you is sound asleep. Or better still, hundreds of miles up in the sky in one of Mango’s 3G equipped Boeings.

The technology doesn’t stop there, of course. One can share all the glorious moments with friends and family on various social media sites, from Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to Pinterest, or any other chat room, like – all with the one mobile device.

 Then I look at the incredible device of which I haven’t even discovered half of the features, and cannot help to wonder: what's next?

Time also flies continuously faster year after year. We have just come to grips with all the challenges of the current year when we realise - it’s Christmas again and this year has also flown by at the speed of light. My guess is that because of all the modern technology, we cram so much into our days to keep up with the pace that we don’t realise how time flies by.

The new year will bring new challenges, which will mean a whole lot of changes again. Let’s hope it will all be for the good and that we will find a way to fit everything into our days while we have more time to utilise the finer things in life.

We wish you Happy Holidays and a very prosperous 2014.

Tladi Lodge Hotel Taste Sensations


When chocolate and brandy collide

As a chocoholic, I needed no introduction to the famous brand of chocolate ready for the tasting, but the brandy with chocolate simultaneously in my mouth – well that was something I was ready to explore.

Tumie Mamashela from Distell arrived at the Tladi Lodge Hotel in Sandton, after being stuck in the Johannesburg traffic, with two big boxes, one containing the brandy glasses and the other containing the liquor and chocolates. Wide eyes, all stared at him from inside the conference room as he started unpacking the glasses and quickly poured the tastings.

In front of each person were three glasses, containing small volumes of amber liquor, and a small chocolate to taste with the brandy. The anticipation of the party was clearly visible and most of us couldn’t wait to experience this taste sensation.

Tumie told us so much about brandy, from how the brandy originally was wine that was kept for far too long in the casks, to the difference between the brandy and cognac names.  He also told us how brandy should be smelled and how we should taste it. Interestingly, there are many brandies available, from blended to single brandies – at a cost of course.

We had to pair each of the glasses with a specific chocolate – and my, oh my, was that an interesting taste experience. The moment when the chocolate is a soft ball in your mouth, you are supposed to take a sip of brandy and swirl both around in your mouth.

Personally, I’ll rather have the chocolate and leave the brandy to those who really enjoy premium quality brandy. The brandy is just too strong for me.

After a debate about what tastes the best, brandy or whiskey, we decided that Tumie will have to come back and do some blind tastings for us. So, watch this space if you want to find out how that went.

We ended the evening off with some delicious snacks prepared by our in-house chef, Lambert Vos.

Brandy and Chocolates at Tladi Lodge

Experience the taste sensations

Experience the magic on your taste buds when decadent, smooth chocolate meets up with fine tasting brandy. This unusual taste sensation will provoke flavours in your mouth that you may never have experienced before. 

We’re not talking about Klippies and Coke, we’re talking about fine brandy as enjoyed by the connoisseurs. And as for the chocolate, only the finest chocolate will do, as any pure chocoholic will explain to you.

We invite you to share this thrilling experience with us. We will be sampling some of the best brandies in South Africa at Tladi Lodge, while snacking on some delicious eats, prepared by our in-house chef, Lambert Vos. 

(By invitation only)

Sandton living

The joys of living in Sandton, Johannesburg

Living and running the beautiful Tladi Lodge Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg, sure has its joys, like afternoon thunderstorms. It will be a lovely, hot summer’s day for most of the day and then all of a sudden, the sky will close up with rain clouds, thunder will strike and it may even hail in certain places.

All of this could happen very quickly, and just as rapidly, the sky would clear and the sun will shine once more, just before it sets with the most beautiful views of colour stroked clouds.


(Photograhp by Lambert Vos, our chef)

We love living in Johannesburg. I guess it’s the mixture of cosmopolitan people, and the hustle and bustle, and when we return to Tladi Lodge Hotel in the centre of Sandton, we can relax and enjoy our garden. There are a few tranquil spots in the garden where we can forget about the daily life, listen to the birds or watch them feast at the bird feeder. When visiting our lodge, people often cannot believe that they are in the heart of Sandton.

Johannesburg and Sandton also feature many Jacaranda trees, which offer magnificent views. Although they are not indigenous and problematic to keep clean underneath, these trees create a purple carpet after a rain storm. It will then look as if a painter got hold of a bucket of purple paint and repainted the streets. It is just so beautiful.

Join us and experience the way tranquillity and luxury were meant to be experienced at Tladi Lodge Hotel.

Halloween at Tladi Lodge

Guests surprises

It seems that people in South Africa don't celebrate Halloween with the same enthusiasm as the Americans and this made me wonder: how would guests react if they would find a Halloween gift on their bed? Especially if the gift looks gruesome, albeit edible.

In search of the perfect gift, I found some interesting articles on Google and I just had to laugh at some of the pictures and ideas. Just imagine this: latex gloves filled with popcorn, red sweets at the end to look like fingernails and a red tie where the hand should be afixed to the arm. Grrrr, that's just "sies" (as per the latest Spur advert).

A very creative idea is boiled eggs, cut in half, topped with half an olive to form a spider's body. For legs, they've cut an olive into strips, and placed it next to the "body" of the spider. This I'll eat.

Another idea was vienna sausages cut in half. The round ends had one small, round taken out of the sausage to form an eye - and voila - vienna aliens.

Of course, there was a pumpkin filled with ice as an ice bucket, a pumpkin with skewers and many other pumpkin ideas. But I have to tell you my favourite - biscuit shaped fingers with almonds as fingernails and the other end dipped in red berry jam. I couldn't, for the life of me, imagine eating one of these.

Do you have interesting "gruesome" food stories to tell? How would you react if you found one of these "fingers" in your room?


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